SmartWind is a well-balanced industry-led consortium from both ICT (ISOTROL, ENFORMA and NETAŞ), and O&M wind (ZORLU ENERJİ) complemented with partners from the academia and technology centres (RUB and TECNALIA).

Industrial partners, in particular, are focused on a near to market project, expecting to see pragmatic results and interim products and software releases even before the end of the complete cycle of the 36-month project.

The very existence of RTOs such as TECNALIA and RUB as well as an experienced (in the very field of renewables) company ISOTROL will assist the whole consortium to analyse the current state, quickly get to the SoA and lift the stage up beyond the SoA as well. A summary of the partners’ role and its core business are presented in the next table:

Project Leader: Enforma

Partner short nameCore BusinessMain role in the project
ENFORMA (S)Data Analytics at several sectorsProject leader & Data analytics solutions provider.
NETAŞ (L)IoT platform, Big DataData integration and preprocessing.
ZORLU ENERJİ (L)Wind energy / Renewable energyWind farm use-case provider. Final user for the solutions for O&M optimisation.
ISOTROL (S)ICT for RenewablesTechnology provider. Wind data analytics and O&M Technology and service provider.
TECNALIA (R)Research & DevelopmentTechnology developer. Maintenance decision support tools
RUHR UNIVERSITY BOCHUM (R)Education / Research & DevelopmentTechnology developer advanced wind farm operation tools 

S: SME; L: Large; R: Research

The partners have come together in the following constellation to achieve best results: